Kim's new eBook, "Emotional Stupidity"

Kim's new eBook, "Emotional Stupidity"

In this week’s radio show, Kim and Steve discuss the problems of ‘peer attachment’ and  give a sneak preview of Kim’s new eBook, “Emotional Stupidity”.  Please go HERE to tune in to listen or go HERE read the transcript.

Are there some emotionally stupid moves you have made in the past that you are ashamed of? Guess what, you’re not alone! We all make mistakes, the difference is that we can decide to learn from these mistakes and become better prepared for next time.


7 Responses to “Emotional stupidity”

  1. CD, Western Australia said

    Hi Kim,

    Just to say congratulations on your astoundingly intuitive new book ‘Emotional Stupidity’. As someone who has done so much work on personal growth and reaped rewards from that, but frequently suffered ‘Emotional Stupidity’ relapses, I am going to read your e-book as many times as it takes to keep myself focused daily on being emotionally smart & healthy. The content and flow of your book is so honest, well developed, professional and enlightening – I cannot thank you enough for sharing your life experiences with us all. I would recommend your e-book to anyone who is wanting to overcome their difficulties and improve their success in life.

    CD, Australia.

  2. Angelena said

    I appreicate the work you have put into this book. I look forward to reading you book. Please understand I have been emotionally stupid and my husband was my income, right now I do not have any money to invest I have no income at all right now. But you insight has shown me were I need to start when possible. So thank you for the small bits of information.

  3. Ruyu NSW Australia said

    In reading your e books I have learnt so much about myself and my husband and what I need to do to make a happier life for us. The advice you give in your books in invaluable and I am so greatful that I came across your site. Unfortunatly I am trying to do all this from a distance (my husband and I are living in different countries at present)but even with the distance between us I can see such an improvment in our communication and his ability to reason with things. This book especially has really help me (an extremely emotionally challenged person)to stay centered and act in a more mature stable way. My husband has noticed this and it has had an impact now on the way he is with me. We have our set backs but now I look at them as just that, a “set back” and not the end of the world. I am so thankful for all the hard work you put in and the effort you go to get the word out that there is help available and that we shouldnt run away from the problem like we have been told by so many others. Kim, you are an inspiration to all women and I thank you with all I have.


  4. coverley said

    Dear Kim,
    I have been browsing your site and getting your emails regularly for awhile now. After meditating on the information I am quite confused as to where to start.
    After self-diagnosing myself and marriage, have come to the conclusion that both of us are narcissistic and codependent at the same time(very confusing) There are no clear-cut defining of us as individuals, but to sum it up simply we both continue to use childish, misbehaving ways in our marriage relationship, of 23 years. These behaviors have been very destructive and extremely painful. We are in our 50’s now and both want to make a success of our relationship, we have committed regular times of communicating together (respectfully), and it feels good. We’re not sure where to take it from here though. Which product would you suggest we start with?

  5. kimcooper said

    Hi Coverley,

    It shows that you have come along way for you to see that you both have symptoms of both Narcissism and Codependence. As most of us deny our narcissism and are blind to it that shows a lot of self awareness.

    I think that you might start with The Love safety Net Workbook and perhaps 10 steps to Overcome Codependence. If you are a subscriber once you purchase these you will begin to get a lot of free info in emails from us too. The Love Safety Net Love Boat Cruise is a series of movies and articles that will really give you a ton of information as well as this you will begin to receive our radio shows that everyone says they get a lot out of.

    There is also a lot in the Narcissism Introductory special offer, the two short books and that audio are some of my favorites and you may find some gems in them that apply to you.

    If you hurry there is a 50% off special on our main sales page right now here;

    That will only be on for about another 9 hours. The discount code is


    I really hope this helps you (-:

    Hang in there!

    Kim Cooper

  6. john said

    I find myself in a 30 year relationship with a woman whom I cannot communicate with any longer…that is to say I try and listen to what she has to say and respond to which I hear that no one asked for my opinion and that I give her no support. There has been physical abuse (from me) in the early years along with alot of controlling issues. The abuse has stopped and the control issues have diminished.
    I feel that no matter what I do in a positive manner is not noticed or that I am told that it is supposed to be…thats the way normal people do things….wha tam I a child?
    When I try and express my feelings i’m told that I take things to personnaly and that I should grow up and be a man.
    She says she is tired of being my mother…am lazy…everything I do I do half assed..she can’t stand me of anything about me…has threatened to leave many times(to make things better i have let at least twice).
    I find it hard to fight for my rights and to try and get my feelings heard and acknowledged when I feel I have been there for her many times(another area she says is not true). I at at wits end…do not want to live the rest of my live with someone who has a way of havong nothing be her fault and therefor most…if not all of the problems are mine and me.
    I have read several parts of your site and see many of the described parts of a narissist and the parts of someone who is co-dependant. I relaize how in a relationship somenone has a role for each of these parts.
    To end a fight I have bought things…made promises…sometimes it feels like I have sold my soul…just about whatever it would take to make peace. I feel horrible about myself in that I am not strong enough(yet) to stand strong and firm and either say NO MORE or to leave the situation.
    Things are only good when the plan is hers and I go along.
    There is also the issue of a fantasy(perfect) world which is always strived for by her…in her own way she does everything extremely well and has a lot of trouble with a lesser preformance from me or others. She compares her efforts to those of others and will not accept others efforts equal to hers. This brings on addition memory of past situations and before you know it the world is wrong again.
    I am juming around here but am gald to have a place where I can start to speak and sort out my feelings(with help I hope) and get a new clear path to take so that I can have a happier ending to my live and to feel great ab out myself again…and know that it is true.
    thanks…will write again

  7. Stacy said

    I am in a relationship of 8 years to a NPD and I am trying to leave to a house that I’m getting ready to buy with my own money because I can finally afford to get away from him. I’m not threatening to divorce or anything, but realize that I cannot live this way anymore and I need my own space where I can live without fear. Now he is saying that he is going to follow me to the new house and that it will become the marital home and that there is nothing I can do to prevent him from moving in. I don’t know what to do, please advise how I can move in without him. I’ve been planning this move for some time and I have been up front with him about it and I thought we agreed to live apart, but now he’s changed his tune right before I’m supposed to buy this house.

    If my name is on the title, does he have any claims? Especially since I am attempting to separate physically from him with the three kids (two from him and one from my previous marriage).

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