If you feel strong with solid foundations, it is easy to stand tall and stay calm through life’s challenges.

Each decision you make in life either strengthens or weakens you and when you begin making better decisions, you should know that your partner will probably do all they can to “test” your new strength.

So, if you are feeling you are on shaky foundations, you may need a strategy and game plan to know what to tackle first.

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One Response to “Getting Stronger”

  1. Joe Nyeste said

    I need you to pray for my balance of emotion and reason to stabilize since the breakup. I am getting a little better each day. I am practicing bein co dependant no more and I have my moments of fear. I am able to bring myself to reality fairly quick but the pain is deep.
    I do have a new strategy that I am encouraged about and am also fearful a little but not frightened. I am enjoying my new life now but obviously its a little awkward, like a new born fawn standing for the first time. Ok not so dramatic but you know what I mean, 🙂 I really did love her, thank God.

    Joe Nyeste
    Akron, Ohio

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