Stop the Fights

Stop the Fights

Please share your ideas here on how we can promote our free website

This site contains free information which has the potential to save families and save lives.

The cost of domestic abuse to ourselves, our kids and our community is beyond estimation.

If we use your idea we will send you an iTunes mix of Kim and Steve’s favorite love songs as a free gift!

Help us spread the message that a secure family life is not a roll of the dice (-:

Help us end domestic abuse!

Kim and Steve Cooper


3 Responses to “Help Us Stop the Fights!”

  1. frances said

    is the love safety workbook the same as the ebook? but different from back from the …? and which ones have the exercises?

    which one had the self soothing comments

  2. admin said

    Hi Frances,

    You can purchase the love safety net workbook and back from the looking glass as ebooks (PDF downloads) or hard cds. They are different books. The love safety net workbook has information on how to self sooth and the 2nd section of the workbook has the exercises.

  3. Jenette said

    I believe that at this stage in my life I am on a journey, a journey to find out who I really am and to learn to love whoever that is. I have learned that we often identify with the person we think we are. The person in our head is not really the person we are at the core of ourselves. The person we think we are is the one we have contrived through words that come from ourselves as well as others. We say in our heads things like: “I am tall, short, average” “I am smart, stupid, educated” people in our lives say those same things and we are reinforced. Either they reinforce what we are telling ourselves or we reinforce with self talk what they have told us.

    I think that the real person we are is often hidden from us because of all the chatter we keep up in our heads. When we are in a space where we are experiencing beauty (things like those things we see in nature, birds, flowers scenery), happiness (two children playing, laughter, joy), etc. When we are experiencing these things if we check into our deep selves, not the incessant chatter in our heads, we can identify with who we are. It is that place that allows us to be at peace, not angry, sad, hurt, etc. If we can find time to get to feeling our real selves we become more able to get in touch with that person. At some point getting in touch with our true self becomes easy (at least that is what I believe will happen if I do it often enough…..I am just a baby at trying this). When we are faced with an argument, disagreement, fight, name calling etc, if we can check in with our true selves the need to be defensive or aggressive will not be there. I think we can check our egos out of the equation and thereby respond appropriately or not at all.

    If we spend 5 minutes per day in the effort of getting in touch with our inner selves by doing things like enjoying a sunset, a flower, or things like that we will begin to find that inner person. Setting aside time to do this every day will help and then we can choose a word in our heads to help us get there when we are in the midst of some life drama.

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