If you feel strong with solid foundations, it is easy to stand tall and stay calm through life’s challenges.

Each decision you make in life either strengthens or weakens you and when you begin making better decisions, you should know that your partner will probably do all they can to “test” your new strength.

So, if you are feeling you are on shaky foundations, you may need a strategy and game plan to know what to tackle first.

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One Response to “Getting Stronger”

  1. Nan said

    I’m still new to this whole concept of narcissism… Not sure what to do about it all. I have the Looking Glass ebook and have been reading it. Still confused as to what exactly to do first…
    We’re in the middle of a huge fight. He thrives on major humiliation of me and lots of attention. I’ve been made out to be such an awful person to our ‘friends’ and it’s hurtful…
    I need to build my self-esteem, trust and I NEED TO BE HAPPY!!! I deal with child sexual abuse (incest-brother) from my past as well. Family isn’t there for me. I’m alone, except for one awesome friend, my neighbor. What else can I do?

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