The Roots of the Dance

November 5, 2009




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Kim and Steve.

Steve and I have worked tirelessly in the last year and a half helping people dealing with their narcissistic partners or family members or with their own narcissism. Although we are heterosexual and married we have in this time seen that this problem affects all people. We now sell ebooks to people in many different countries and from all walks of life, male and female, old and young, rich and poor, famous or disenfranchised, gay or straight. It seems that narcissism and domestic abuse definitely know no bounds.

We get a lot of feedback and about 98% of it is positive but it is undoubtably our sales pages that draw the most comment. Many people say that the information on our website alone has helped them tremendously and others critcize us saying that they do not like our sales approach and that what we offer is dangerous. Narcissism is a highly emotional subject and so the highly emotional and sometimes even abusive responses we receive (at times) do not surprise me. We of course appreciate courtesy but do value all of the feedback we receive.

Your comments have  encouraged me to make two big changes;

1. I have completely revised our sales page with the help of all the feed-back I have received and hope that it now very clearly informs the reader of our philosophy and methods giving a clear impression of what our products offer without being unnecessarily ‘hard sell’. Our new sales page can be viewed by subscribing to our email list at or if you are already on our list please look for an email with the link which will now take you to the new updated page.

2. I have created this space here for our subscribers to make comments on our sales page and discuss their different opinions on this subject publicly rather than just sharing with us. We also welcome testimonials here that you believe will be of use to others considering purchasing our products,  but for customer service issues or complaints we ask that you please email our customer service department first at ,  this will give us the best chance to help you directly with your issue and most efficiently find a solution.

I believe that a good sales process needs to illicit emotion and address any concerns and also I believe that our sales pages are a very important part of the educational process that we offer. Being able to define a problem clearly and see it from a number of angles is often three quarters of the solution.

For this reason I have spent a huge amount of time and research deciding on the wording of this new page. In it I hope to convey as clearly as possible the journey of hope that we offer in it’s most simple description and that the simple picture I create with these words might help you stay on course through the more difficult parts of your journey.

I look forward to your comments and welcome discussion here, please note however that rude, aggressive or innappropriate comments will be removed.

Hang in there!

Kim Cooper